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The virtual office is suitable for the whole education system, from schools to universities. Fast deployment on an existing infrastructure in order to preserve past investments. Pricing adapted to education.

Université de Bordeaux: Bordeaux II and Bordeaux III universities and IUFM d'Aquitaine

Each institution has its own look&feel (logo, colors, etc.).

If an institution has a LDAP directory, users authentication is managed by the directory. If an institution has no directory, ContactOffice manages the authentication.

After a several months test in the Cloud model, the institutions have decided to host the virtual office themselves. Existing accounts and their data have been transferred to the new infrastructure.

Lyon II University

The virtual office has been integrated into the university's "ENT" (electronic workspace). It can be accessed with a single click from the ENT homepage, which displays the number of unread emails, the number of meetings to be accepted and the number of ongoing tasks before the user connects to the virtual office.

The database contains 30 000 users and 15 000 000 emails. During the day, the virtual office has 2 000 simultaneous sessions, while the response time remains excellent.

The virtual office is hosted on university servers. The university's LDAP directory manages authentication. The virtual office "White pages tool" allows searches in the LDAP directory: a person (with all public data) can be added as a contact in the virtual office.

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