1. Features
    SMSs are used for several features:
    • Event reminders at the chosen time
    • Calendar sent by SMS at the chosen time
    • Send a message to one recipient (free number)
    • Send a message to one recipient (number coming from your address book)
    • Send a message to several recipients (the numbers coming from your address books or by using the Messages tool and the Lists)
    • Send a same message by email/SMS/fax (in the Messages tool)
    • Notification when a new email has arrived
    • Notify the arrival of a new email matching some criteria (using the filters in the Messages tool)
    Go to the different tools to read the corresponding help.
  2. Coverage
    The coverage comprises almost all world operators. Please note that US phone operators will probably refuse SMS, because they are not sent from an actual phone.
  3. Reception of SMS in ContactOffice
    This feature is not available.
  4. Conditions to send and get SMS
    An SMS credit must be included in your monthly subscription. If you have reached the allocated SMS limit of your subscription or if you don't have SMS credit in your subscription, you can buy additional SMS credit (provision).


  1. Add credit
    Go to Settings and click on "Credit" under "Account".
  2. Status of credit
    Go to "Settings". Under "Account", choose "Quotas". The graph shows you the status of your SMS credit, how much you have used, and how much remains (SMS credit included in your subscription and additional SMS credit).
  3. Credit validity
    Unsent SMS included in your monthly subscription are lost. They cannot be sent the following month.

    However, additional SMS credit (provision) is never lost.


  1. Sending to a free number
    From the homepage, click on SMS. Enter a number in the Mobile field and click on Add. You can add other recipients the same way if you wish. Eventually, enter your message and click on Send.
  2. Send from the Contacts
    From the homepage, click on SMS. Click on Search to select recipients in your private or group Contacts. Enter your message and click on Send.

    You can also click on a mobile phone number in the Contacts.

Potential problems regarding sending

  1. The cell phone number cannot be clicked
    If you cannot click the number, check that it's encoded in the international format. Do not place zeros before a country code or a zone code.

    Check that the number is labelled as a mobile phone. If necessary, you can change the number type using the pull-down menu.

  2. Guarantee that SMS was sent
    We guarantee that it was sent to the SMS centre of the mobile operator and naturally, make no guarantees regarding the mobile phone of the recipient of the SMS, which could be incompatible with SMS, be offline, have a flat battery, a full memory, etc.

Potential problems regarding reception

  1. No SMS from ContactOffice
    Possible causes:
    • Your mobile number is not entered (properly) in your personal data: go to your personal data and enter your mobile number in international format. For example: 32 475 123456.
    • SMS credits are not included in your subscription: buy SMS credit.
    • Your subscription includes SMS credit but it is already depleted: buy additional SMS credit.
    • The internal memory of your mobile phone is full: delete some messages.
  2. No response from recipients
    Sign your SMSs with your own name so that the recipient knows who sent the message because it is the server number that appears as the sender of the SMS. If your recipients answer to this number, you will never receive their messages: they have to answer to your own cell phone number.


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