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  1. What is instant messaging?
    Instant messaging is the possibility to chat using text messages with group members (provided their subscription also allows this feature). It also displays which members are online.

    Instant messaging is simple by design and has no advanced features such as public chat rooms, audio or video capabilities, etc.

    Messages history is not saved.

  2. What is instant messaging for?
    Instant messaging can be more efficient than a long series of emails, like a Ping-Pong game. Besides, several conversations can take place simultaneously. Unlike other tools, instant messaging does not require the whole screen: you can go on with your current task while chatting.

    The presence feature, which displays online members in real time, informs you about the group members availability.

  3. Access
    Instant messaging is available only if you belong to at least one group.

    Click on the x contact(s) online line, in the right lower corner, to display the main window. If no group member is currently online, it displays No contact online.

  4. Chat with a contact
    The instant messaging window is automatically filled with the list of the members of the groups you belong to (provided this feature is available to them). Members names are displayed in the order set in the Contacts Settings: "firstname - lastname "or "lastname firstname".

    If there are a lot of members, some might not be displayed, so that the list does not get too long. You can easily search for someone by clicking the magnifying glass icon.

    Click on someone's name to start chatting with this person in a separate window. Use the buttons on top of this window to minimize it, turn it into a distinct browser window or close it.

    You can send a message even if someone is offline. The message will be delivered the next time this person gets online, except if the 100 messages memory per user is full.

  5. Availability and unavailability
    There are two basic statuses in instant messaging: available and busy. If you wish, you can be more specific regarding your availability or unavailability. Click on Custom message below Available and enter for instance "Only by email". Below Busy, you could for instance enter "In a meeting" or "On the phone", etc.

    The status is not reset the next time you log in.
  6. Going offline
    You can also disconnect from instant messaging at any time by selecting Offline in the statuses list.


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